Why get treated

Loud snoring can be a warning sign of more serious breathing disorders, such as upper airway resistance syndrome and obstructive sleep apnea.

Because many serious health problems and even death are linked to sleep apnea, clinicians like to know whether or not their patient has any degree of sleep apnea before they recommend a treatment plan. Sleep apnea is a chronic disease, like diabetes or high blood pressure. A sleep test will tell the doctor how bad your apnea is. You and the doctor can then make decisions on how best to treat your problem.

If you suffer from any of the following, you may want to get tested for sleep apnea:

  • Loud snoring
  • Choking or gasping during sleep
  • Chronic sleepiness during the day
  • High blood pressure

Identifying and treating apnea early is one way to improve your health and get the rest you need.