TAP 3 Elite

The TAP 3 Elite is the most current design in the TAP line of oral appliances.  It has a simple design that attaches the upper and lower trays together by using a small hook on the upper tray and a double lingual bar receptacle on the lower tray.

The new double lingual bar design improves patient experience and durability of the appliance because the hardware cannot disengage while the trays are worn. This design also meets Medicare requirements for oral appliances that treat sleep OSA because of the design features a fixed mechanical hinge and an inseparable pivot point.

The TAP 3 Elite design has an innovative 3-hook system that:

  • Allows for greater adjustability
  • Provides versatility to accommodate patient comfort
  • Features increased hardware durability
  • Allows for improved coupling of the upper and lower hardware over previous designs
  • Is Medicare verified with code e0486

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