Why Choose the TAP®?

Several features set the TAP apart from other oral appliances:

  • The TAP can be adjusted while in the mouth, either by the patient or by another person, such as a sleep technician or doctor. Adjustment does not require an office visit.
  • The patient has maximum control over his or her therapy due to the patient-adjustable feature of the TAP. Since the best treatment position can vary from night to night and can even extend to a stretched jaw position, the patient can achieve treatment results superior to any other appliance.
  • The TAP has an adjustment mechanism that advances the mandible .25 mm with each turn of the key. The patient can vary the position precisely by counting the turns. This allows both the dentist and the patient to confidently maintain the proper treatment position and yet allows them to make changes depending on the patient’s symptoms.
  • The TAP can pull the lower jaw farther forward than other appliances, increasing the chance that the patient will have treatment success with the TAP alone.
  • The TAP is clinically proven to treat high upper airway resistance syndrome as well as all levels of obstructive sleep apnea, including severe sleep apnea.
  • The TAP is the only appliance that has an attachment for a CPAP mask, offering the benefits of both mandibular advancement and positive pressure therapies.
  • The TAP can be easily modified by the dentist in several configurations to meet the unique needs of every patient.